KABUKI Dinner Show


Please enjoy the course of Japanese cuisine and then enjoy entertainment like samurai, ninja, Oiran dancing mainly around Japanese traditional arts "Kabuki".


Japan's first dinner show for inbound tourists with a brief lecture on Kabuki.
KABUKI JAPAN SHOW with a famous and a popular program of Kabuki "REN-JISHI (Two lions)". It is a luxury entertainment composed of various JAPAN contents. In addition to the excitement and intensity of the Kabuki performance, which looks gallant in appearance and you can watch close by, acrobatic feats by Ninja already known worldwide, also splendid sword performance by armored Samurai and fascinating dance of Oiran dancers.


The story is about a love of family between a lion's father and his son based on Chinese legend.
The father drops his son to a steep valley daringly so that the son can survive in such a severe nature.
The son understands his father's feelings and with his great effort, the son finally crawls up to the top of the cliff by himself. An story filled with affection of parent and child. A full-scale performance team welcomes!


"MIYABIYA JAPAN (Kabuki Kikaku Miyabi-ya)" that keeps doing their activities at various events both in and out of Japan, pursues JAPAN contents truly pleased by foreigners from their past reliable experience, and they have devised a variety of staging to enliven by use of "Kagura (sacred music and dance)", "Hemmen (changeable mask)", LED, etc. with the most popular Kabuki story "RENJISHI (two lions)".
The representative built his skill under a former major Kabuki actor, in the group of the third generation Ichikawa Ennosuke (present : En-ou) and then became independent. Now he works with highly trained Kabuki performers.
The performer of Ninja belonging Japan's first XMA organization shows a high-level tricking action, Japanese style dance performance by "ARAIFUMI", The armored Samurai with outstanding sword technique, Japanese instrument player award-winning at the numerous contests, The "inbound team" comprised of talented professional players.
A full-scale performance team welcomes you!


We are offering Japanese-style creative cuisine of seasonal ingredients
that pursues the infinite spread of taste from one material
and feels Japanese seasons as "food".


per person
zone SJPY 20,000
zone AJPY 15,000
zone BJPY 9,800

This price includes

  • Kabuki show ticket
  • dinner
  • tax
  • service charge
  • table charge
※Beverages fee isn't included.

Date and Location

Kikkon TOKYO Otemachi

  • Tokyo Sankei Building 6F, 1-7-2, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0004
Opening time
  • 18: 00 ~ (1 hour 30 minutes) ※Please confirm the schedule on the reservation screen.
  • 03-5204-3050 (+81-3-5204-3050)
  • Subway Chiyoda Line / Otemachi Station : 1 minute on foot


  • seat S
  • seat A
  • seat B


  • Not refundable once the booking is made, except the dinner show is cancelled for a minimum number of participants is not achieved.
  • 2 weeks prior notification will be made when the show is cancelled for a minimum number of participants is not achieved. Then, it will be refunded.
  • Please bring the data or printout of booking completion screen on the day.

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